Remember when we were excited to fly to the Pacific Northwest for the first time? Twice we thought we had found the right boat, and twice we had to back up. After 4 weeks in France, here we go again, this time with a new approach, and renewed hopes.

To find the right boat, we could not afford to wait to be back in Seattle. And being far away did not mean, in this day and age, that we had to stop hunting.

So while in France, every morning, we would review the boats that had been listed for sale on the internet in the last 24 hours. If one appeared interesting – not very often – I would email an enquiry to the broker, and ask for details, or for confirmation that the boat was not under offer – yet.

Days and days passed, until “Sandpiper” appeared on the market. We had already visited this type of boat, before doing The Loop. We had very nearly bought one. Among all the boats we had viewed so far, in the flesh or on the internet, this one represented the best fit to our dreams… on paper at least. Size, layout, budget, every characteristic seemed to say: don’t let this one pass under your nose.

The only way to jump on the opportunity was to make an offer immediately, even without having seen the boat. And if we wanted the seller to accept our offer from afar, we couldn’t negociate the asking price, a very unusual move. Could we take the risk to send a deposit with no confirmation of the condition of the boat?

I checked and re-checked the detailed description of the equipment, I surveyed the market to benchmark the price against comparable boats…

We decided to take the risk. I emailed and called the listing broker, Randy. He was a little surprised, and hesitant too, but we made a formal offer. Within 3 days, the owner accepted it, and we agreed on a time schedule allowing us to fly back, see the boat, and do the usual surveys.

I’ve looked at the pictures of “Sandpiper” a lot of times. But I’m not posting any for the moment. I’m somewhat superstitious, where boats are concerned at least. I’m carefully optimistic, and very eager to step on board, 10 days from now. On June 14, we will make our decision. Unless, before that date, we have to say no again… It would mean that “Sandpiper” was not to become “Brittany Belle”. I’d hate that.

Soon, we’ll know. Stay tuned…